Mevol New Products Draw Massive Crowds at Dubai Vaping Expo!

Crowds gathered around Mevol’s booth 2150 in awe at the World Vape Show 2022 held from June 16 to 18 at the Dubai World Trade Center, as we unveiled our latest products, including the Mevol X, the world’s slimmest prefilled pod vape, and the Mevol Bar, a disposable vape product. Highlighted what is now possible in the space, we gave attendees a taste of the future of vaping. Attendees also appreciated Mevol’s innovation, celebrating the fact that it had met their expectations for quality and style.

The booth focuses on giving attendees a trial smoking experience, with everything carefully arranged to enhance delight. Our on-site staff helped guests deeply explore Mevol’s offerings with warmth and patience. The customer experience complemented our brand’s mission to create satisfying products for users.

Mevol differs from other companies in the industry because of our focus on customers’ well-being. Our brand’s mission is to lead the way to a healthier world. We see a future where adult smokers replace traditional tobacco smoking with safer, healthier, vape products from our lineup.

Owing to our sense of purpose, Mevol invests significantly in R&D efforts, focusing on the needs of consumers. We operate a strict quality control operation and only release products when they are ready for market.

We hope that our carefully crafted products will provide a better experience for the more than one billion adult smokers around the world, helping them to take a step towards a healthier life. Mevol will continue to focus on improving the health status of smokers, providing them with better products in the future.