Mevol Debuts the Vape Product Equipped with the New FEELM Air

Mevol exhibited at Stand A74 at The Vaper Expo UK from 27th to 29th May 2022.

At The Vaper Expo UK, we showcased our innovative product the Mevol X, the world’s slimmest prefilled pod vape, and the Mevol Bar, a disposable vape product, giving attendees a glimpse of what is now possible in the vaping industry.


Mevol also introduced improvements as part of the Mevol X debut package. The new ultra-slim comes with the latest generation of the FEELM AIR ceramic coil, comprising 7-layer composite film ceramic coil, microporous bionic structure and nanoscale vacuumed film-forming. The state-of-the-art component offers a super smooth vaping experience.

Attendees were impressed by the ultra-slim design and the products' freshness, reflecting years of our careful development and the expertise of Mevol's in-house team.

Alongside the Mevol X, we also released Mevol Bar - a compact and portable disposable vape weighing only 5.5g and is ready to use right out of the box, fulfilling its slogan "one time, any time." Rainbow color-matching allows users to vape based on the scene or their mood. Equipped with a FEELM ceramic coil, the Mevol Bar offers a smooth, stable, and silent transmission of vape particles alongside a rich and consistent taste from the first to the last puff, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.

Mevol's mission is to "Lead the way to a healthier world." We believe that leading technology and innovative products can bring a brand-new e-cigarette experience to billions of adult smokers globally. In debuting these new products, Mevol envisions adult smokers abandoning traditional tobacco smoking and replacing it with equally-enjoyable vape products.

To achieve our mission, we have focused heavily on R&D, innovation, and quality control. From the inception, Mevol established a laboratory to maintain the high quality of our new designs. Every product, including the Mevol X and Mevol Bar, focuses on the needs of consumers and gets put through hundreds of tests. Products are only released to the public once they achieve our high standards.

The launch of products at the Vaper Expo UK spearheaded our brand awareness, creating a bright future for Mevol. We will continue to focus on improving the health of smokers, providing them with better products in the future.