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Slimmer and Smoother.

Locked-in Flavor: Mevol X integrated FEELM Air ceramic coil, providing you Locked-in flavors and a super smooth experience.

Haptic Engine: Mevol X will vibrate moderately when you vape, bringing you an immersive puff experience.

Charging Time: Mevol X takes 10 minutes to charge to 80% and approximately 20 minutes to fully charge your device.

Specification: 1Device + 1USB Type-C Cable + 1Manual
Compatible Pod: Mevol X Pod
Battery: 380 mAh
Max. Current for Charging: 1A

Color: Silver


How do I get started with Mevol X?

Choose Your Flavor for Every Moment

Happy Lemon
Blushed Mango
Juicy Watermelon
Garden Strawberry
Iced Mint
Very Berry
Mellow Grape
Golden Tobacco

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mevol X comes with a 350mAh battery and 1A maximum current for charging.
It will only take 10 min to charge to 80% and approximately 20 min to fully charge ( when fully charged the LED will stay on).
We recommend that you use the standard charging cable that comes with the device.

Kindly reminder: In order to protect your own safety and the device quality, please do not use it while charging.

According to the product manual with routine use and maintenance, Mevol X devices will last for many charge cycles. Please avoid overcharging your device, exposing it to prolonged sunlight or prolonged exposure to heat sources. All devices purchased from our official sources are covered by a limited 12-months warranty from the date of purchase. If your device fails during the warranty period, you can contact customer service for help.

Mevol devices are easy to maintain. You can use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe the device's charging port and inside the device. Do not disassemble the internal unit of the device while cleaning it, as this may cause damage to the device.

After your order has shipped, we will send you an email containing the tracking information for your order. You can follow the instructions in the email to track your order details. If the shipping status has not been updated for more than 7 business days, you can contact our customer service or send an email to for help.

Your order is dispatched through our delivery partner. We will arrange dispatch of your order as soon as we receive it. Orders are dispatched between Monday to Friday. The delivery time may vary depending on your delivery address. Weekends and holidays may have an impact on the delivery time.

Mevol products purchased from or from authorized Mevol stores enjoy the official warranty policies.

Mevol X device comes with one (1) year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
Mevol X pod comes with eighteen (18) months liminted warranty from the date of manufacture.
Mevol Bar comes with eighteen (18) months liminted warranty from the date of manufacture.