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Thousands of attempts, only for the best flavor.

Capacity: 1.9mL
Atomizer: FEELM Air ceramic coil

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to laboratory studies on the number of puffs per Mevol X pod, a Mevol X pod can average more than 500 puffs. The actual number of puffs varies depending on individual use. Mevol X pod has an expiration date of 18 months from the date of manufacturing. To maintain optimal flavor, we recommend using it within 15 days of opening.

1. If you want to store Mevol X long term, please separate the device and pod to prevent leakage.
2. Don't store the Mevol X device for more than two weeks with an empty charge.
3. Please store the Mevol X pod in a sealed container to help keep the flavor fresh.
4. To help ensure the quality of the Mevol pod, store them unopened at room temperature in a dry environment out of reach of children and pets until use.

The e-liquid is made up from four main ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings and nicotine.
Vegetable glycerine (VG): Vegetable glycerine is mostly used as a sweetener, preservative and texture enhancer commonly used in foods.
Propylene glycol (PG): Propylene glycol is a colorless and odorless ingredient commonly found in sodas, cake mixes, and other household consumables.
Flavorings: Flavorings are carefully selected natural and artificial flavors that are matched by professional flavorists to experience different tastes and textures.
Nicotine: Nicotine is an alkaloids found in plants of the Solanaceae family (Solanum genus). It is addictive and not risk-free. It is not the primary cause of smoking-related diseases.

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Mevol products purchased from or from authorized Mevol stores enjoy the official warranty policies.

Mevol X device comes with one (1) year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
Mevol X pod comes with eighteen (18) months liminted warranty from the date of manufacture.
Mevol Bar comes with eighteen (18) months liminted warranty from the date of manufacture.