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People's dependence on traditional cigarettes is exacerbated by the addictive nature of nicotine. It's a well-known fact that cigarette burning process produces over 6,000 chemicals, of which about 100 have been identified as causes or potential causes of smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and emphysema.
E-cigarettes also contain nicotine, but they are less harmful than cigarettes. They are a good transition tool if you want to quit smoking.

Kindly reminder: While not risk-free, e-cigarette is a better alternative to smoking—but the best choice is to quit or not to start smoking.
Mevol Bar is our disposable product available in a variety of flavors. It consists of a battery, a atomizer, a tank, and an LED light on the end. The tank holds e-liquid consisting of water, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine. Once it is empty, it cannot be reused in any way and is to be disposed of responsibly.

According to laboratory studies on the number of puffs per Mevol Bar, one Mevol Bar can average more than 600 puffs. The actual number of puffs varies depending on individual use.

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